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Initial Consultation


Based on your initial feedback we can adjust the Carat weight, Color and Clarity up or down to create more value or greater quality. Not all diamonds are created equal. We can help you navigate the selection process so that you come away with a diamond that represents your values.

Curated Diamond Selection


We will begin your curated diamond experience by sending pictures of several diamonds within the parameters we have established together.


Chase will personally study each stone on your behalf to make a recommendation based on value, beauty, uniqueness and brilliance.

Creating Your Ring

All of our rings are designed, handcrafted and custom-made to order based on the precise measurements of the center stone you choose.


We use the finest quality melee guaranteeing a perfect match to your center diamond.


All Chase Gregory jewelry is hand-crafted in our Los Angeles, CA workshop to the highest degree of workmanship.


Our engagement rings take approximately 3-4 weeks to be completed. However, we will do our very best to accommodate your needs.














































Payment, Appraisal, Shipping and Delivery


Once we have chosen the perfect stone together we are able to start your unique jewelry.


We request a minimum 50% deposit to start and accept all forms of Credit Cards, Bank Wire or Check. Once received Chase will personally take your center stone to our work bench to begin crafting your piece.


Each of our rings comes with a complimentary Retail Value Appraisal. We will assist you by recommending insurance resources as well.


Once your jewelry is completed, we will receive your remaining balance and coordinate shipping directly to you. In-person pick-up and delivery options are also available.


For U.S. and Canada residents, our rings are delivered overnight to your door via insured carrier. 

For other international clients, shipping quotes will be based on the address your item is being delivered to.

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