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Top 3 Men's Fine Jewelry Trends in 2018

Trends are constantly changing, obviously, but at a faster rate than ever before due to the overwhelming content on social media. Nonetheless, staying abreast of current trends is in your best interest, not all trends are fleeting. We put together a list of 2018 Men’s Fine Jewelry Trends, in no particular order, that will keep you looking crisp and classy.

1- Watches. NOT the Apple watch (more of a technological trend than a watch trend). I am not hating on the Apple’s just in a different category than Hublot or Rolex in part to the latter's craftsmanship and prestige. At Chase Gregory Jewelers we are upping the ante on your high-end timepieces with custom bezels and dials. We understand purchasing a new Rolex, Hublot, Panerai, etc. every year is costly, so double down on a watch you already own and bring it in for a facelift. This is a great way to invest in your beloved piece, personalize it, and have the means to stay on trend.

Custom Cartier Roadster

2- Black Diamonds. Black is always in season, so much so that it warrants its own hashtag, #allblackeverything. Black diamonds are quickly making their way into men’s jewelry because they cover a broad range of personal style. Black diamonds have a more organic, rugged, and contemporary look. A black diamond wedding band is a proper choice for the man that wants something sophisticated and refined, but not too flashy.

3-Minimal Detail. Mens 2018 Spring/Summer Fashion Week saw minimally detailed necklaces grace the runway. Vogue reported “Another member of the minimalist movement, the necklace is cut back to a simple, ultra fine thread of leather, silver, or gold. A subtle, minimal detail with maximum graphic impact.” I love the idea of using a simple leather thread juxtaposed with a big gold statement pendant. It says, “I’m approachable but confident.”

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