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2022 Holiday Gift Guide

While it's never too early to begin the holiday shopping, custom jewelry often comes with deadlines earlier on in the year. FedEx (our shipping partner) has already released they anticipate delays for this holiday season.

If you are interested in purchasing or creating a Chase Gregory item, please email or fill out our Contact Form.

The Classics

Some of the most popular items sold are diamond stud earrings, tennis necklaces and bracelets. However, all options are completely open to different budgets, size, and personalization. Diamond studs start at $850, and tennis bracelets at $2,250.

Going Bold

You know what they say, fortune favors the bold! While going with the classics is often a risk-free option, use the holiday as an excuse to get them something they might not get themselves! Our inventory has a well curated assortment of funky rings, unique pendants, and many other show-stopping designs.

Something Custom

A heartfelt gift goes a long way. A bespoke name plate or ring with the birthstones of your children are popular options. Creativity has no limit, and we can even laser inscribe your handwriting!

Time for an Upgrade

Is it time for a refresh? One of our favorite ways to bring something back to life is through an upgrade or redesign. Whether you want to upgrade the size of your diamond, or give new life to an old diamond, it is guaranteed to be a special.

Or, Are you ready to upgrade from a girlfriend to a fiance? We recommend at least a 6-week period for production on an engagement ring this time of year.

Note of Gratitude

Chase Gregory is beyond grateful to have been chosen as YOUR jeweler. With over 7 years since fruition, each and every relationship has meant so much. Happy holidays!


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