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Oval cut diamonds: The pros, the cons, but mainly more pros!

The oval cut diamond was created in the early 1960's by Lazare Kaplan. The oval has some similarities to the round diamond but has a more elongated shape that can even make it look bigger than its actual carat size. The elongation of an oval shaped diamond is what allows an oval to appear larger than its actual weight and it's the reason why many lean towards oval cuts when selecting engagement rings.

First, the PROS!

If you are looking for a slimmer effect on the hand then the oval cut is the way to go as ovals will make the finger of the wearer look more slender and long.

Oval cut diamonds can also be more affordable. For example, a larger appearing round diamond can be less expensive than a heavier weight diamond but it will look smaller. An oval cut diamond will cost less than a round diamond of the same carat and clarity, so you can afford a bigger diamond for your budget. Keep in mind ovals come with a larger surface area than a round diamond, so this is a great affordable option if you prefer a setting with a larger diamond.

Some people argue that the daunting bow tie in the oval is a deal breaker (more on this later!) but the sparkle that an oval produces is right up there with the best diamonds. A diamonds sparkle and brilliance is determined by the way it is cut, and the oval cut is one of the brightest cuts of all. When you choose a ring with an oval cut center stone, you are guaranteed a brilliant sparkle on your finger.


Circling back to the bow tie...some diamond shoppers are not a fan of the bow tie effect that the oval cut diamond produces. With any fancy cut diamond, and particularly the oval cut, the light cannot distribute evenly throughout the diamond, causing the image of a bow tie in the center of the stone. Most oval cuts do have or exhibit the bow tie effect, although they vary diamond to diamond. When considering the oval cut it is important to check whether the bow tie effect is prominent and if it is something that will bother you before you follow through with your purchase.

The bow tie effect is often the primary concern with oval shape diamond rings, however, one other thing to consider is the fact that ovals can highlight flaws. Oval cuts, with their larger surface area, can show blemishes and inclusions within the diamond so it is recommended to shop in the SI1 clarity and above range. Do be sure to talk to a jeweler however as there are different settings that can sometimes help hide blemishes that are visible to the naked eye. Also keep in mind that oval cut diamonds are less expensive so you may be able to invest a little more in a higher quality diamond.

Overall, the oval cut diamond is an exceptional option if you want a larger high-quality stone with extra sparkle at an affordable price. Oval cuts are sure to not catch on clothing or scratch a loved one when saying hello. It will however be sure to catch everyone's eye as oval diamonds are beautiful and appear larger than many other shapes.

Do you have a question regarding oval cut diamonds? Feel free to reach out to our team via our website, instagram or email!

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