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The most popular diamond shapes that will help you choose the right engagement ring!

Are you searching for the perfect engagement ring? Have you been searching for some time but can't decide what diamonds shape suits your liking? Our team is going to help you explore some diamond shapes in order to help you decide what works best for you. Remember that each diamond is unique in its own way. Once you learn that more than 250 tons of ore need to be blasted, crushed and processed to yield just one carat of rough diamond, you learn that whatever shape you go with is precious in its own right.

First thing is first! Get to know the main and most popular diamond shapes.

round diamond, what diamond shape?, solitaire, VVS, VS1,

#1 Round: The round diamond is one of the most popular shaped diamonds. Renowned for their fire and brilliance, round diamonds are often the shape that people think of when picturing a diamond. Round cuts also have the widest variety of setting style options so you can customize to your heart's content. Also note, rounds are generally the most expensive shape with all else being equal.

Princess, Princess cut diamond, Princess shape.

#2 Princess: The princess cut diamond is often seen as the anti-round or the modern and youthful shape.

Unlike round, the princess cut isn't standardized. Characterized by 4, 90 degree corners and 4 straight sides, the princess cut is a bold choice.

asscher cut diamond, asscher, step cut

#3 Asscher: This square shape features step cut faceting and cropped corners. This shape is often associated with opulence and wealth. The stunning Asscher cut is considered the "step-cut" cousin of the emerald cut.

emerald cut diamond, emerald solitaire, emerald ring

#4 Emerald: This shape is distinguished by its beveled corners and longer step faceting. Often associated with elegance, this can can be worn as a solitaire or with larger side diamonds. The concentric alignment of its facets creates the sparkling “hall of mirrors” effect the emerald cut diamond is prized for.

cushion cut diamond, cushion solitaire, cushion halo

#5 Cushion: This shape is known for its "pillowy" shape with soft rounded corners. They can be further broken down into "Cushion Brilliant" and "Cushion Modified Brilliant". Cushion brilliants generally have chunkier faceting and more intense flashes of light while having a larger look than the modified variety. Cushion modified have what's known as a crushed ice effect and making out individual facets is quite difficult. While there's not a right or wrong, Cushion Brilliant's command a greater price due to demand and limited availability.

radiant cut diamond, radiant solitaire, radiant ring

#6 Radiant: The modern brilliant alternative to the emerald cut. This square or rectangular shape with cropped corners is considered one of the most brilliant diamond shapes available for purchase. The intricate facet cuts create ample opportunity for light reflection creating a dazzling, sparkly effect that perpetually catches the eye.

marquise cut diamond, marquise diamond ring, marquise solitaire

#7 Marquise: This shape finishes with graceful pointed ends. Its elongation can compliment a slender or not so slender finger. This cut, like the oval shape, maximizes size and can appear larger than their round and square counterparts.

oval cut diamond, oval cut solitaire, oval cut ring

#8 Oval: This sophisticated cut combines the brilliance of a round diamond with a unique eye pleasing elongated shape. It can appear larger than a round diamond of equal weight and also works to elongate the finger. With an increased surface area, a lot of clients can find value in its larger appearance but it's important to note that this is one of the most requested diamond shapes in the market leading to a premium on ovals.

pear shaped diamond, tear drop diamond, pear solitaire

#9 Pear: Sometimes called the tear drop shape due to its water drop dramatic shape, it's often a choice made with a more feminine style in mind. The pear cut creates a subtle slimming effect on your finger. Unlike round, the cut isn't standardized so you can choose the proportions that you like best. Long, chubby, etc.

heart shaped diamond, heart shape solitaire

#10 Heart: This is the shape that is synonymous with love. The heart shape would make for a unique engagement ring. It pairs well with rubies or sapphires to enhance the romantic touch.

Now that you have the rundown of the main and most popular diamond shapes, are you ready to decide what your favorite is?

If you would like more information or have any questions, please reach out to our team through our website, instagram or email!

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