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Diamond Cuts: How a diamond's cut affects its beauty.

The diamond cut grading system was created by GIA (Gemological Institute of America), which rates diamonds ranging from Excellent to Poor. Cut grade refers to the dimensions and angles of the diamond, assessing how well-proportioned the diamond is and how it interacts with light.

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To make it simple, an ideal cut diamond has more brightness, fire, and scintillation compared to a lower cut grade. This is because the light enters through the top of the diamond, bounces around the pavilion facets and exits through the crown and table.

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3 main factors that impact the diamond cut quality:

1. Proportions: The ratios and angles and how they interact with the diamond's table, crown, girdle and pavilion. Proportions generally give a diamond its "Ideal make" or add to it's character.

2. Symmetry: The precision of a finished diamond's facet placements. The more accurate the faceting, the more scintillating the diamond will be.

3. Polish: The overall degree of smoothness on the surface of the diamond which allows for the transfer of light in and out of the diamond.

The main factors that influence the diamonds brilliance and how it interacts with light are the cut proportions:

When we look at a diamond ring, we look at the diamond from the top. Ideal proportions reflect light directly into our eyes through the diamond's table and crown. Low cut grades are generally too deep or too shallow for the size of the table and crown angle.

Keep in mind, there isn't such a thing as "right" or "wrong" ratios for fancy shaped diamonds (which is essentially anything other than a round diamond). It is more a matter of taste. This is why leading labs such as GIA don't grade the overall cut for fancy shape diamonds. Lastly, when it comes to fancy shapes, there may be recommendations of ideal options but it's ultimately up to you as the client in regards to what catches your eye!

If you would like more information, please reach out to our team through our website, instagram or email!


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