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All About Vanessa Hudgens Engagement Ring

You may be wondering, who designed Vanessa Hudgens and Cole Tuckers beautiful engagement ring? Chase Gregory Jewelers is lucky to have collaborated with Tucker to be a part of their love story...

Some years back I was connected with @cotuck during his rookie year. He wanted our diamond bead necklace that are popular with the MLB guys. Fast forward a few years…while we were golfing at a charity tournament he whispered that he might be ready for THE piece of jewelry. The most important piece of jewelry a guy can ever invest in. He wanted the perfect engagement ring for @vanessahudgens .

The Ring

Over the next few months, Cole Tucker did his reconnaissance on exactly what Vanessa wanted, and then we spent several weeks examining different diamonds together while he was on the road playing. Together we collaborated to make an incredible custom engagement ring. The one he used to propose a life together with.

Vanessa Hudgens' oval cut diamond ring Cole helped design, showcases a stunning natural diamond in a four prong platinum head on an 18 karat yellow gold shank and features a pave diamond under-halo.

Cole and Vanessa, from myself and my team here at Chase Gregory Jewelers, Congratulations on finding your person!

Who made Vanessa Hudgens engagement ring? Chase Gregory Jewelers

Where did Vanessa Hudgens get her engagement ring? Chase Gregory Jewelers

Who designed Vanessa Hudgens engagement ring? Chase Gregory Jewelers


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